Politica su resi e rimborsi:

Have to cancel an order of 30 days to provide motivation.

The period of cancellation of an order is 30 days of product release data or at the moment in which one part is indicated, if not a corriere, take possession of the product fornito.

In order to confirm your cancellation, you must inform your decision with a digital voicemail.

Please inform us by emailing supporto@ita-sport.com

Invite it to fit within 30 days of the rice data of the restored product. Use the same payment method used by the order and will not add the commission for the rim.

Conditions subject to:

To do this in the same way as the product, please note:

  • This product is still purchased for no more than 30 days
  • I produce this with an original recipe

This product cannot be returned:

  • Products provide second specification or personalization indicated.
  • Products provided by nature do not restore their sound, in particular products that deteriorate quickly or scaduti.
  • The product does not provide sound restitution for hygiene and health reasons, it should be noted that the instructions must be followed.
  • The product is for this reason, given the instructions, by nature, and is inseparable from others.

Please note that the product does not comply with the condition of the product at our sole discretion.

Product restored

You are responsible for the cost and return of the product. This product must be listed in all directions:

Zona Industriale, Via Bardassano, 10, 10020 Zona Industriale TO, ITALIA

You cannot be held responsible for the product being damaged or damaged during the expedition. Therefore, it is suggested that you use a specialized tracking and assistance service. It is not possible to provide a product with a product that is not available or is a product delivery product.


If the product has a contraband status when it is purchased and its status is delivered directly to you, you will receive a certificate of the value of the restoration. Once the product has been returned, you will receive a certificate of registration by email.

If the product does not appear to be contrary to the fact that it was purchased at the time of purchase or the purchase was made directly with the product, you should take a direct payment to the purchaser.


For this reason, please contact your policy by email at supporto@ita-sport.com